Complete protection for your Android device that simplifies security 
and significantly reduces the risk of data exposure.
•  Stops unwanted advertisements from consuming your phone balance and Internet data
•  Saves time and ensures productivity by effortlessly blocking unwanted calls andunwanted SMSs
•  Takes a back-up of all your valuable data on Cloud 
•  Live chat support


The best mobile security suite protects your mobile device using an Anti-Theft feature and easy-to-use virus protection. This results in improved device performance, so you spend less on mobile maintenance.

Secures your mobile device from malicious threats. Protection remains active in
the operating memory of the device and scans all files that are open, or saved
including those on the memory card.
•  Ensures automatic protection from all kinds of malware threats 
•  Scans applications as soon as they get installed 
•  Scans adware and helps check any possible applications that display advertisements that consume your balance and Internet usage 
•  If you have to use another memory card, the anti-virus engine scans the memory card before transferring any data 
•  Flexibility of allowing you to use your mobile device while the scan runs in the background 
•  Excludes applications from scanning 
•  Excludes files and folders from scanning

Helps detect and quarantine any malicious object on your device. A regular scan helps in keeping your device safe from unseen threats.

Blocks access to fraudulent websites that might phish your valuable information.
•  Secures access from infected and malicious websites while you are browsing   using the default browser on your mobile
•  Enables Parental Control to keep a tab on the mobile browsing activities of your children or others using your device

Helps you track, lock or remotely render the mobile device useless in case of a loss or theft. You can also wipe selected data remotely by sending a pre-defined SMS.
•  Remote Locking - Blocks usage of your phone if it is lost or stolen
•  Mobile Tracking - Helps in locating your lost or stolen device
•  SIM Change Notification - If the SIM is changed, the new number will send an SMS to the owner’s alternate mobile number informing about the SIM change
•  Block phone on SIM card change - If the SIM card of your Smartphone is changed after it is stolen, the security suite blocks usage of the mobile phone
•  Remote Data Wipe - Configure data to be deleted and wipe data remotely

Take backup of the personal information such as contact numbers, text messages, calendar, and media files on the Cloud and retrieve it whenever required.
•  Take a backup of your data manually or automatically whenever required
•  Specify the data for backup
•  Allows you to restore data if it is accidentally deleted or if the mobile device is lost or stolen or destroyed
•  Delete old data that is no longer required. However, once deleted the data cannot be retrieved from the server

Takes automatic virus database updates, so that your device remains secure  from real-time threats.

•  Allows you to decide who can call you and whom you want to avoid receivingcalls from
•  Blocks all non-contact numbers or some specific numbers from calling onyour mobile phone by creating black-lists
•  Also has the Alert on Call Rejection feature. If user rejects any non-contact  calls, this feature promptly displays an ‘add rejected calls to the black-list’  silently

Enables you to silently block unwanted and spam SMSs such as news, advertisements, marketing messages, and even offensive texts.
•  It scans and filters embedded links in messages
•  Blocks messages from all non-contact numbers, all contact numbers, and/or non-numeric numbers
•  Creates a black list of contacts to block messages and a white list of contacts toallow text messages from
•  Creates a list of spam keywords to block incoming SMSs containing any ofthe keywords added to the list

You can manage the networks that are in use on your device. You can check thecurrent usage of all the networks and control the usage
•  Provides current data usage of all networks (mobile and Wi-Fi)
•  Helps to set data usage of mobile network and/or Wi-Fi networks in use.Allows setting maximum data usage limit within these networks
•  Alerts the user if data usage reaches specified limit
•  Stops network once the data usage reaches the maximum limit

Allows you to check the functioning of mobile device, control power saver, speedup device performance, and view the performance reports.
•  It shows current performance of the device, settings for power saving mode,and all the running applications
•  Enables Power Saving mode to increase the battery life by adjusting devicebrightness, killing running applications, and disabling Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth
•  Enhances the performance of the device with speed up device feature by stopping the running apps and killing idle apps on a regular basis

•  You can customize contacts, call logs, SMS logs to be private or private-cum-public, as per your requirement
•  You can secure important call logs from or to private contacts
•  You can secure important messages from or to private contacts

Provides information about harmful applications that collect user details suchas contacts, accounts, etc
•  Notifies users about those applications which send SMSs or calls on premium  numbers or access Internet without the knowledge of the user
•  Privacy Advisor categorizes applications according to the permissions
•  It monitors applications with different permissions such as Tracking Location, Read Identity Info, Access to Contacts, Access to Messages, Access to Accounts, and Access to Network

Notifies user about the vulnerable settings present on the device and redirectsuser to the respective setting screen
•  Different Security Advisor settings are Account and Sync, Encryption Settings, Screen Lock, Unknown App Resource, Bluetooth Security, Hotspot and Tethering, Quick Heal Anti-Theft, Quick Heal Virus Protection, USB Debugging, and Wi-Fi.

Adds multiple SIM numbers to Trusted SIMs List. This feature is beneficial for users using multiple SIMs. When the SIM is changed, the device is not blocked if its entry is present in the Trusted SIM list. Fifty (50) SIM numbers can be added to the Trusted SIMs List.

This is a secured deletion method where data is deleted permanently. It allows deletion of contacts, SMSs, calendar events, and SD card data.

•  Helps manage the device remotely (lock, unlock, or wipe data) if the device is lost or stolen
•  Also serves as a mobile device tracker

•  Gives you reports on all the activities carried out by Quick Heal Total Security for Android. For example: A detailed SMS report would give you the report of all the blocked SMSs
•  Get in-depth reports on virus detections, blocked calls, blocked SMSs, all activities related to anti-theft, web security including any sites that were blocked, backup and updates taken for virus definitions etc.
•  Allows you to delete reports manually if required

It displays the latest bytes of information and developments from the Quick Heal lab. News about mobile protection, security alerts, other important issues, or events are displayed here.

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