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TV Protection Plan

  • Covers mechanical and electrical failures from normal use
  • 24/7 zero-hassle claims and free on-site service for large TVs
  • 100% parts & labor, no deductibles
  1. Television Price B/W 60 - 120 K Rs. 440 / Month

    For 12 Months

  2. Television Price B/W 30 - 60K Rs. 310 / Month

    For 12 Months

  3. Television Price B/W 10 - 30 K Rs. 240 / Month

    For 12 Months

  1. Television Price B/W 60 - 120 K Rs. 325 / Month

    For 24 Months

  2. Television Price B/W 30 - 60K Rs. 245 / Month

    For 24 Months

  3. Television Price B/W 10 - 30K Rs. 180 / Month

    For 24 Months

  1. Television Price B/W 60 - 120 K Rs. 275 / Month

    For 36 Months

  2. Television Price B/W 30 - 60K Rs. 220 / Month

    For 36 Months

  3. Television Price B/W 10 - 30K Rs. 155 / Month

    For 36 Months

Why choose TIMES Global™ Insurance?

In today’s competitive marketplace, there are several options available for consumers. Complete research on various products and services is a must. Hence we encourage our consumers to see what our competitors offer and then make an informed choice. Don’t just believe what we say, try out Times Global for yourself and then decide. You can also read the various reviews given by our valued clients. Times Global is one of the leading mobile insurance companies that has a large group of satisfied consumers. We offer protection against the following mishaps:

The #1-Rated Protection Plan

Thousands of people have reviewed TIMES Global™ Insurance—and they’ve made us the #1-rated protection plan. Thanks, everyone!

Protection from Normal, Everyday Use

Repairing your average mechanical or electrical failure can cost as much as buying a new device. With TIMES Global™ Insurance, you’re covered—including parts and labor.

In-Home Service in Delhi , Mumbai & Ahmedabad

We'll send our technician to your home / office, if your are located in Delhi , Mumbai or Ahmedabad.

100% Screen repair in case of damage of TV Screen

We will replace / repair 100% TV screen in case of damage due to any reason without any question.

What does a TIMES Global™ Insurance plan cover?

  1. All Mechanical/Electrical Failures from Normal Use

    All Mechanical and/or electrical failures are covered under the umbrella of Times Global Insurance. We cover you beyond the manufacturer’s insurance or if the manufacturer denies coverage for normal use failures.
  2. Power Supply Burnout

    If the TV power supply burns out, your TV won’t turn on. We’ve got you covered.
  3. 100% Parts & Labor, No Deductibles

    We’ve got you covered. You pay nothing.
  4. Speaker/Sound Failure

    You’re covered for speaker malfunctions that can cause problems like low audio or no audio.
  5. Screen Failure

    We cover dead pixels, lines on your screen, discoloration, or dim screens that can make your TV unusable.
  6. Broken Buttons

    Buttons can wear out and break over time, making it almost impossible to use your TV. We cover all of them.

TIMES Global™ Insurance Covers